CWI is committed to sharing knowledge and facilitating discussion about the biology and conservation of marine mammals and the protection of their marine environment. Our work is not complete until the results of our research are shared with the general public, mariners, and policy makers.

Communicating Science and Conservation

Our team routinely provides presentations and participates in meetings on a variety of topics, such as general marine mammal biology, whale rescue, and our research and conservation initiatives and goals.

Marine Mammal Summer Camp

As a collaborative effort with Saint Mary’s University, we are proud to host an annual Marine Mammal Summer Camp for youth ages 14-17.

Dockside Chats

Our team has spent an immeasurable about of time having 'dockside chats' with fishermen, NGO's, researchers, and community members. We feel that informal meetings and discussions are one of the keys to sharing knowledge and perspectives, facilitating open dialogue, and finding a positive way forward.

Marine Life Interpretation Centre

As a collaborative effort with the Roosevelt Campobello International Park we established an interpretation centre dedicated to education on marine life, conservation and stewardship in the Bay of Fundy.