Our Supporters

The Canadian Whale Institute is a registered charity and nonprofit organization. We would not be able to conduct our work without the support we receive. We want to acknowledge all the companies, foundations, organizations and individuals who support us. We offer our appreciation and gratitude to you all.  Together, we can help to save the whales.

Corporate Sponsors

Carrying out our mission requires equipment, supplies and services. Some incredible companies have given us significant support. 

Safety on the water is the top priority for us. Our teams work in small boats, frequently far from shore, often in challenging conditions. So we rely on the best available equipment. Mustang Survival, a Canadian maker of safety equipment since 1967, has generously supplied us with the gear that lets our teams operate safely, at sea. We are proud to partner with such an innovative, Canadian company that takes our safety so seriously.

We are thrilled to be the recipient of support from the North Atlantic right whale edition of the Tag! You're it! campaign from Big Spruce Brewing and the Ocean Tracking Network.

Roots Canada supported the Canadian Whale Institute through the sale of a dedicated, whale T-Shirt. Proceeds from the sale of this special line went towards the purchase of our second whale rescue boat.

Canadian Steamship Lines, in addition to working with us to slow ships to reduce vessel whale strikes, has generously supported our acquisition of our second whale rescue boat.

Foundations and Organizations

A broad range of philanthropic organizations have supported our work, including:

The Tides Foundation has generously supported our outreach and education programs.

The Canada Museum of Nature provided funding to allow us to design and engineer new prototype tools to cut ropes and lines from entangled whales.

The International Conservation Fund of Canada supported  new whale rescue tool development.

The Fundy Community Foundation is making possible the updating of our display at the Marine Life Interpretation Centre on Campobello Island


Thanks to all the amazing support we've received since January 2020  from the individuals below. We've made every effort to include everyone who has supported us. However, if we've missed you, we apologize and ask that you let us know. We take your privacy seriously and will remove anyone who does not want to be listed here. Thanks, too, to those of you who have supported us anonymously. We may not know who you are, but we appreciate your support no less.

Connie Low Deanna Hammel Elad Azari Elizabeth Thompson Frédéricke Blouin
Grace Barker - Noonan Kateryna Toderishena Kelsey Beaton

Yongling Qi Carolyn Hunter Shirene Graham Madeleine Lemaire
Laura Carey

Paul Douglas Peeranut Visetsuth Robert and Margaret Sorochan Roshan Oomen Stacey Bartlet
Stephanie Noonan Rhys Hughes Kristina McNamee Rebekah Hounsell Anne Barrry
Julie Joffe Arthur Pfau James McDonald Lauren Johnson Mitchell Kamiel
Monique Lacas Naomi Oelbaum Natalie Knowles Pam Albert Philip Koven
Pierre Zakarauskas Rebecca Goldberg Robin Smith Sarah Haney Sloane Litchen
Stacy Bartlett Steven Sofer Susan Chmura Tan Wei Tina Daalderop
Ellen Roy Emma Phillips Fay Freiman Francy Kussner Melissa McDonald
W. Mark Roberts Wiliiam Frasier Yunrong Gu Diane Amirault-Langlais
Fraser Barry
Heather Boutilier Barbara Burke Nivose Chaulk in memory of Joan Noonan Dr. M O'Byrne
Andree-Ann Rousseau
Alexa Momy Arlene Mazur Brian Klar Cindy Warwick
Alison Street  Alyssa Hazzard Andrea Wallace Annette Bruner Annie Lafontaine
Anthony Solecki Arthur Pfaff Bonnie Grundman Brenda Simpson Michael Bregman
Carol Endicott Carol Moreira Carol Weinbaum Christina Lannan Christina Leonetti
Christine Cosby Cindy Boyd Colin O'Neil Deborah Tzakopoulus Ellen Morris
Ellen Roy Emma Phillips Fay Freiman Francy Kussner Melissa McDonald
Fredericke Blouin Gary Tile Gina Lonati Heli Donaldson Howard Esakov
Ian McMullen James McDonald Jay & Lisa Joffe Jessica Chedour Jillian Arany
JJ Weinberg Joanne Jackson John Rose Joseph Vernier Julia Sax
Krystyna Markee Lauren Johnson Laurie Arron Lawrence Arkilander Leslie Mandelbaum
Lori Griffin Lorne Mack Luella Stephens
Lydia LaPointe Marla Buck
Susan Stroud Kaneko  Andree-Ann Rosseau James Stapleton Barry Jessiman Nicole Cameron
Pierre Morin Jean Caille Suzanne Bleau-Myrand Vanessa Rochester Adam Rolland
Bestsy Nohe Keith Fowler Shelley Chapelski Jean-Francois Bilodeau Andrew Riddell
Larissa Fenn Guilliam Dubreil Brigitte Hebert Robin Squires Duncan Ingram
Victoria Faria Larry Hriczak Justin Walker  Adrian Mitterhuber Brenda Simpson
Christopher Adam Jilian Arany Caroline Bieze Susanna Braud Nicole Cameron
Jonathan Adams Renee Arsenault Fredericke Bloiun Corina Brdar Brandon Campbell
Mark Adelsheim Dennis Arsenault Dave Bodkin Crisalda Brito Rodriguez Anne Cascadden
Joseph Aicher Michael Berger Stephanie Boudreau Linda Bronfman Ryan Chalmers
Kathleen Durant Keith Wilkinson Madeleine Lemaire
Matthew Inglis Matthew Young
Marilyn Chedour Marilyn Coleman Patricia Cove Nancy Daves Anna Dibernardo
Jessica Chedour Ben Cope Lisa D'Amour Peter Dawson Tara Dick
Linda Chirico Kathleen Cornick Colleen Daly Elaine deBoer Danielle Dion
Janis Chu Anne Cornwall Monica Dantow Jennifer Denkers Cathy & Alan Dunfield
Eileen Cole Tina Cotton Raymond Dart June Derrah Kalie Dunlap
Alexandre Durepos Darrell Ferguson Ryan Garnett Susan Godin JT Guthrie
Robyn Edwards Stefan Ferraro Jennifer Gatzke James Goodwin Kristin Haight
Oliver Egil Phylis Forsyth Matthew Gedge Charlie Graham Emily Hancock
Heather Elliott Willian Frasier Meg Gibson Wendy Graham Ray Callum Hargreaves
Michelle Ellis Tina Gaal Pauline Gillen Deborah Grayson Kate Harries
Tany Harrietha Daren Howells Cynthia Hyland Richard Klyver Denise Loader
Paul Haslam Lanie Hoy Michael & A Jantzi Sabrina Kroesen Kathleen Madden
Michele Heighton David Huebert Scarlett Jensen Susan Lankish-List Jennifer Malcolm
Nancy Horne Douglas Hull Arpan Jolly Sheri Lee Elizabeth Manning
Barb Horsman Lynne Hunter Christine Kessler Liz Lee Lauren McClinton
Francine McEachreon-Breton Patricia Millar Lyndsay Morrissey Holly Newman Tracy Ogilby
Sharon McGladdery Derek Mitchell Maryse Nadeau Wayne Nickerson Jennifer Oliver
Carole Meating Douglas Morgan C Nason Mike O'Byrne Jessica Olsen
Joe Meeting Terry Morose Bruce Nesbitt Megan O'Neill Dorothy Pedersen
Christoph Meyer Peter Morris Claire Neufeld Kelly-Sue Oberle Sean Perkin
Richard Phillips Crystal Richard Richard Rocheleau Elizabeth Sanders Silvio Sciara
Ema Phillips Edith and Paul Richard Daniel Rose David Sayers Sara Scurfeld
Nikhil Prakesh Chip & Jan Ridky Ken Rubin Brianna Schiller Jack Smith
Stephanie Ratelle John Mark Robertson Christine Sabean Jeff Schmidt Drew Smith
Robyn Starkey Stephanie Strosberg Deborah Sutherland Ralph Smith Peter Specht
Memphis Swain Scott Toland Candis Whitney Wei Xei Sebastian Teunissen
Kyle Swain Blaine Varner Vickie Wild Melissa Yuan-Innes Kelly Wilson
Caitlyn Thomas Susan Vennerman Darren Willett Brenda Zaleski Corinne Zellner
Margaret Till Amar Vutha Sophia Williams Paul West Donn Zver

We also appreciate the support from the following  local organizations and businesses:

Simonds High School Cozy Table Productions Miramichi River Co. Jolly Breeze Whale Adventures June Inc.

Thanks to some extra special supporters 

The Second Grade class at South St. Mary's Street Elementary School in St. Mary's, Pennsylvania, USA, motivated by Elliott Wingard's passion for whales, (seated front right) held a special fundraising event to support our work.  Thanks to Elliot, his classmates, their Teacher, Mr. Long, the school Principal, Mrs. Kuhar, Class Tutor Mrs. Garthwaite, and nurse Abby.


Ryan Duchesneau and his sister Jenna really love whales. So they set out to raise funds to support our whale rescue effort. They came to Campobello to present Mackie Greene, Robert Fitzsimmons and Moira Brown with a cheque. 

Some time later they also prepared a video, used by Canada Helps, to urge others to support us too. 

Thanks Ryan and Jenna!