Upcoming CWI Events

Fish Canada and Work Boat Canada

 January 21 and 22, 2022

Moncton, NB

The Canadian Whale Institute and the Campobello Whale Rescue Team will be attending the Fish Canada Workboat Canada show in Moncton NB on January 21 and 22. Visit our booth and learn about the work we are doing, including an educational program focused on "ropeless" technologies that are being adopted by fisheries concerned about whale entanglement.

In Theaters in Canada in January 2022

last of the right whales

The Canadian Whale Institute is partnering with HitPlay Productions to develop an educational campaign around the release of this documentary that follows the North Atlantic right whale migration from the  calving grounds to the shifting feeding grounds, with the people committed to saving a species still struggling to recover from centuries of hunting. It explores how climate change is forcing right whales further north in search of food, putting them on a collision course with deadly ships and fishing gear.

Now Open!

The Royal Ontario Museum's new exhibit showcases their commitment to Canada‚Äôs iconic North Atlantic whales. The blue whale exhibit is expanding to add  two new whale skeletons: the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale and the deep diving sperm whale. Great Whales compares these three unique giants, from their size and diet to their intelligence and evolution, while highlighting the extensive ongoing research and conservation efforts being undertaken to save these mammals from extinction. The ROM invites you to dive in and discover these incredible great whales of Canada's east coast, their complex relationships with humans, and what we can do to save them.

The work of the Canadian Whale Institute, the Campobello Whale Rescue Team and a memorial for Joe Howlett are important components of the exhibit.

Summer 2022

Marine Mammal Summer Camp!

Plan on joining us in Summer 2022 - stay tuned for details!

Covid forced the cancellation of our 2021 camp. But, we will be back in 2022 with another Canadian Whale Institute/Saint Mary's University Summer Camp.   So be sure to check back for further details! You can find more information on our summer camp here.