WhaleALERT is a free app designed to augment existing ship navigation tools informing mariners of the safest and most current information to reduce the risk of ship and whale collisions. WhaleALERT 2.0 has expanded capabilities that include U.S., Canadian, and Pacific waters.

    More about the WhaleALERT app:
    • Provides near real-time pop-up alerts in specially regulated areas (e.g. seasonal management areas, dynamic management areas, areas to be avoided, mandatory ship reporting areas)
    • Projects whale data and regulatory areas over nautical charts
    • Provides recommended routes through regulated areas and operational guidelines while in the presence of whales
      Provides whale sighting identification and recording support
    • Posts sightings to a central research databaseAlerts of whale presence as detected from near real-time Boston-area acoustic whale detection buoys (right whales only)

Please share information about the WhaleALERT app using the following printable postcards: